With Google changed its search algorithms multiple times in recent years, makes SEO practitioners must keep up with the changes. They need to surely understand that what they did last month might not get the same result as before and they need to come up with the new SEO strategy. For SEO practitioners that need help to understand the changes that Google made to its algorithms since the beginning of SEO until recently, below there are few ways how SEO has evolved and what they need to look for when creating SEO strategy with today’s landscape.

State of Mind

Back then, SEO was focused on a single keyword, and also on the individual page, this made SEO practitioners had to track closely to search engine rankings so what they working on is at the top of result. But today’s SEO is focusing more on how audiences interact with a certain brand, service or product. They mainly don’t have to focus on search engine rankings, but they need to focus on ROI or return on investment. One keyword is not the main focus of SEO strategy right now but keyword research, content creation, keyword analytics, social media shares and engagement.


In old SEO strategy, SEO practitioners created content only for search engine with didn’t mind the quality or relevance for audience needs and interest. This made a lot of pages were stuffed with keywords that made audience fooled with the title of the page. Now this strategy is not effective anymore, in fact Google will give penalty if a website or a page did this. With today’s SEO, the strategy need to focus on creating contents that has quality and real value to their audience. With focusing for the audience, the content should attract audience and emphasis to keep them engage with what the content talked about.

Link Building

Spam back links or black hat links strategy was what SEO practitioners used to do. This strategy worked to increase a page ranking in search engine result page. But now those strategies don’t work anymore. Right now, natural and high quality back links are what can make a page gain a high result. Build a relationship with other blog owners is how to develop a high quality back links. Creates better content than the competitors is the one of the important ways to get high quality back links. With having high quality back links will deliver increasing high quality traffic to a website while giving important knowledge to audience.


With singular keyword is not as effective as it used to. Nowadays, when SEO practitioners focus on keyword research, they need to focus on purpose of the keywords or they need to use keywords that are what user searched and long tail keyword. Because right now, 70% of search traffics are coming from long tail keyword search.


Over the years, content marketing has been playing the biggest role in SEO. And today most companies that are using SEO practice integrate content marketing on their practice, this is because content marketing right now can deliver stronger results for SEO. This is why the new SEO strategy should begin with building relationship that mutually beneficial between niche industry blog owners and last but not least creates content that what most audiences are looking for.

image source: freepik.