With the latest Google’s Penguin algorithm update, it’s become more and more important for a site to be optimized with local SEO. This SEO technique will make a website to be listed on local search. For instance, if a vinyl shop’s website in Jakarta has been optimized with local SEO and when people searched for “local vinyl Jakarta”, then the website will be shown in search result page. There are many articles that explain how to optimize local SEO, but beside few things that you should do, there are also few things or mistakes that you need to avoid. Below, there is a list of 3 local SEO mistakes that you should be aware of:

  1. Placing business’ name/address/phone/business hours on everywhere of website pages

Business owners already know that business’ name/address/phone or NAP should be consistent in all of the citation site, this is the reason why many businesses signed up to different directory sites. But there are also few business owners that taking this tips way too extreme by placing their NAP in anywhere they want, with logic that if they place it more often than their local SEO will be better than other. In fact, the result in reality is the opposite. Business owner only need to place NAP once in a citation site and making sure that the directory site is using schema.org markup to identify your business’ information properly. Schema markup’s job is to tell search engines about your specific listing information, and they will clearly know your address, phone number and more, means that you don’t need to keep mentioning in anywhere else.

  1. Using the same terms many times

Business owners are being told to put their keywords correctly in their specific page. But that doesn’t mean they can use them as many times as they want. Website content needs to be natural, or it does make sense when you read it out loud. If you can clearly notices that it sounds forced, then it needs to be fixed. Because search engines have urge website owners to have content in conversational tone, simple and consistent.

  1. Not caring about their own website for local SEO optimization

If you to business listing sites like Bizyhood, you can see many businesses that don’t have their address on their own website and even if there is, another mistake that they made is that they only put very little personal business information about the company and the owner. About Us page is a great use for explaining people and the company and not for leaving default “Lorem ipsum…”.