Keyword Research: Why Less Competitive Keywords Is Often a Better Option

Keyword research is believed to be the blueprint of any successful SEO campaign. Though it appears to be a very straightforward task – you fire up your keyword research tool of choice and find the keywords that relate to your industry with the highest search volumes, sadly that’s not the way to do it if you want to see real results.

In order to conduct a good keyword research, you must have a realistic target. To many businesses, high-competition keywords are simply out of reach – at least in the short and medium term.

Targeting one word keywords is quite often unrealistic but it may also prove unprofitable. Someone searching for “HP Envy 17-2090NR 3d Gaming laptop,” for example, is likely to be much further along in the purchasing process than someone who searches for “laptops” – think about which searcher is likely to have their credit card out already.

There’s nothing wrong with targeting generic keywords, but if your campaign has limited budget and you need results in the short to medium term then targeting less competitive keywords is a much better way to utilize resources.

Lower traffic but lower competition keywords might not seem as exciting to target, but if your website can dominate these areas fairly quickly, then you are going to see far more traffic from the search engines than failing to effectively target a much more competitive term.