How Google Ranks Our Pages

We play our SEO on the Google field so it’s important for us to follow their game. We all know that Google doesn’t just pick random page for their top list. They have some ranking system that separates which site should go on top and which one stays on backyard.

Links play an important role. Make sure all links in our site works, both internal and external links. Continuously check for dead pages. Remove all dead links and change irrelevant links.

Then about the content; Keyword rich content is obviously important. But more important is good quality relevant content. Very keyword rich but pointless content will not make our page goes up. Remember that we build the site for people not for search engine.

Also keep the navigation as simple as possible. You must be doing this to comfort the users, but hey… this can also enhance your rank in the search result because Google crawler will also easily explore your site.

The latest ranking factor would be page load time. Google just announce that they will have this new ranking factor in 2010. So we better get rid of those heavy graphic and keep the web design simple.