Do Not Trust Company Who Offers Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization

There are 2 general kinds of SEO Companies, one that offers guaranteed search engine optimization and the other one that doesn’t offer any SEO guarantees. There’s no such thing as guaranteed SEO, so clients need to avoid companies that offer this kind of feature. Because basically, guaranteed search engine optimization is a big lie that clients are too blind to see it.

Most of the SEO companies nowadays promised increasing visitor traffic and SERP ranking for the last few years to get new clients who want to use SEO services but know nothing about them. The tagline of guarantying increasing traffic and ranking has successfully attracted new clients, but in reality it didn’t work out the way that they wanted. Cause of the Google’s algorithms update like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird that making it hard for SEO companies fulfilling their client wishes into real result.

Even Google told not to believe SEO companies that offer guaranteed SERP ranking because it’s impossible to promise no. 1 spot in Google’s SERP. Of course, that top rank is can be achieve with so much hard work. But to stay for very long time or maybe short time in the top rank is no guarantees because there are other SEO services that wanting the no. 1 spot.

Google uses so many metrics and variable on its search algorithms, like user location when he/she search a keyword/phrase, and this factor could make displayed result page be vary significantly. A famous SEO site, Moz, did a study with result said that over 800 search algorithm factors play a role in where a keyword positioned in SERP. This makes impossible to trust SEO services that offers guarantee a certain page will result in top position in search result at any time.

Lately, user preference and search history are also included in search algorithm factors, these making more impossible to get the same result of same query that submitted in Google search, even if searched few times in different hour. Increasing traffic in organic search and subsequent conversion rate are the kind of effective and successful SEO campaign, and not being stubborn to try getting the highest SERP’s ranking.

Right now, SEO goal should be how to attract the volume traffic as many as possible and then converting it into leads and customers. A promise or guarantee for something that can’t possibly control fundamentally is a promise that leads to be broken and this will make SEO services look irresponsible and unethical. This is like when a travel agent promising or guarantying that a destination place will not rain to the customers when it can’t control how the weather in that place. This should make client to get a picture why no SEO services can ever guarantee the high spot in Google’s SERP rankings. With Google continuously updating its major algorithms like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, making SEO services that offer guaranteed search engine optimization become extremely difficult to fulfill their promise.