Google’s Search Analytics Report is here and these are What It Can Do

Few days ago, Google released an addition to its Search Console (previously called Webmaster Tools) named Search Analytics Report or SAR. After rolling out few major algorithm updates in 2015, the new addition is a huge helper for SEO webmasters and digital marketers. Because for the last few years, they have used to understand that Google doesn’t giving more information of result of its aim on removing bad SEO strategies and spam.

This new tool is going to give a lot more information regarding search queries, impressions, and clicks that Google begin to hide many years ago. Below there are improvements that what Search Analytics Report can bring:

  1. Making result data in the reports become more reliable. With Google made so many changes on how the way the tool works and reporting the data, making it giving a much more consistent statistics. For instance, in search engine result pages or SERPs, if a site appears more than once, the impression that it will get will be collected and reported once for each domain.
  2. Now users can use multiple filers together. For site owners, this feature means that now they can separate the traffic up to granular level, choosing only criteria that matter the most for them and tracking on how they perform across each level.
  3. SAR also making it so much easier for users on finding what they want. For instance, the filter for URL can be use to see how certain pages performs in various queries, then it will giving an easy and quick way to concentrate optimizing a given landing page or set of pages.
  4. The best feature of all is users now can see how many impressions that their website get for a query, like rank of it, how many people go to their site using the query and many more. To better understanding of this feature, it’s like on the same level of report that you get when using high end SEO software, which you need to pay for getting the result.

This Search Analytics Report from Google is giving SEO webmaster a lot of advantages. But, with this tool does not mean went back to old strategies is a good thing to do. Because, Google will keep improving its ability on analyze the quality of the content on its processes. Any SEO webmasters who try to reuse any of their old SEO strategy will likely to get bad effects from their actions.