Give Hyperlinks a Name

Every time you turn some text into hyperlink, always give them a link title. Link title is just like image title or any other file title. It should be clear information about where the link will direct user.

First, this link titles not only function as web usability enhancer. It would tell user where they’re about to go if they click the hyperlink. Page title should appear on mouse over. Just like this one. See, that page title will explain about the hyperlink without having it clicked.


Not only useful for user, link title can enhance your SEO. But what important is to give your link a relevant name. Means the title must be related to the destination’s page content. The best option is to name the hyperlink with the same name as destination page title. That moves can’t go wrong as long as your page title is also relevant with the content below it.

If your page title is irrelevant with the destination page, search engine bot will not count it.