Five Best Twitter Clients

While most of us still love to use Twitter directly from the web, many of us also have moved the excitement of tweeting to some Twitter clients. Here are five best Twitter clients – Omeoo version.

This Adobe Air based Twitter client is obviously the most used Twitter desktop application today. Tweetdeck got it all. We can track our public timeline directly from our desktop. All function like retweet and reply can be done in one click. We also can track our timeline, mention, DM, and certain search on keyword in one screen. Easy to use feature plus cool design makes TweetDeck one of the most popular Twitter client so far.

When we’re looking for super simplicity for our Twitter activity, Echofon is the answer. This client is formerly known as TwitterFox. That’s right… This is a simple Firefox add on for Twitter. No need to install any program. Just add to Firefox, restart the browser, and you’re ready to go. Simplest tool for Tweeting ever.

Hootsuite is one of the best Twitter client when it comes to managing Twitter account for branding or SMM. This web based client got everything we need to get the job done. We can manage multiple account, schedule future tweet, link to our existing RSS for auto-tweet, get tweet statistic, and allow multiple editor to handle the accounts. All in the package. So efficient. Best Twitter client for business.

The right tools for those addicted to Blackberry and Twitter. Ubertwitter is the most used Twitter client on the street. Many BB user praise the feature Ubertwitter have. This client allow user to take photo and directly upload it and post it. Also when replying, just after we type “@”, list of our follower/following will appear, so we don’t need to retype every time we want to mention someone. Best Twitter client for BB.

Okay, Blackberry maybe in the middle of its boom in Indonesia, but not all people own a BB. Big number of other smartphone and mobile phone users still walking down the street, and they also want to tweet everything extraordinary thing they find during their day. Snaptu could be their weapon of choice. This is very nice app that works very well. When viewing a tweet, if you click on it you are presented with View sender, reply, retweet, favorite. Much more handy than using Twitter Mobile Web.

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