With Google updating some of its search algorithms recently, there are still some people who believe in old SEO myths. An article from SearchEngineJournal explaining about common expired SEO myths that now is not so effective anymore. Because if people still believes in old SEO myths then the SEO practice that they’re working on is not going to achieved as high as they can.

Here are explanations of some common SEO myths that have expired:

– The need to be at first spot

It’s always nice to get the top spot, but the actual rankings are likely to be fluctuating on daily basis. Also the first spot is not always guarantee a website to get more clicks and conversions. But, sometimes right now, it’s depends on the phrase. If you want your website move from page 2 of SERP to the first page, you need to be careful, because sometimes CTR or Click Through Rate of the high spots on page 2 are way better than the CTR of website on lower position in the first page. Having a high position on page 2, you still need to be careful on planning to get on the first page. It could be a better for you to remain position on the top of second page than having to be at the first page but at low position. This strategy will resulting a great deal from site to site or page to page or even among individual phrases as natural as possible.

– Title tag is going to be my SEO savior

Even though its important, but even the most well-written title still can’t improve a site without skipping other important parts. This is what most of the bloggers believe because some of the most popular platforms don’t include features like Meta descriptions in their core code. With the right plug-ins, bloggers can easily add them and have access to lots of SEO features to their site. But spend some times to write the right title is must, but still needs to do other SEO optimizations.

– Focusing only on social media

With gaining followers on social media takes a lot of times, there are few people who give up on SEO and decided to just focusing on social media. This could be an effective way long time ago, when you can only focus in one strategy and have good rankings. But now, you need to do a lot of strategies to achieve success.

– Making video contents

It’s true that sometimes people like to watch video to get information. Video is also easy to create and consume. But the truth is, embedding videos in your page will have negative effects like site speed becomes slow, and this could make your visitors frustrated and decided to leave. Optimizing contents with video alone is not going to your rankings; it is a great way to growing content but not in the best way.

– Creating awesome contents

But that’s what you think, because your visitors could have different view or opinions. A great content is content that’s considered great by searchers and visitors to your site. All of the writing formats are not going to help if the writing, message, or voice style that you’re using is dislike by everyone. Grammar is important and can affect your readers to judge you, so this has a direct impact to rankings and engagement. You should never mislead yourself with thoughts like what you created is awesome because you spend some time making it. Tracking what your visitors engage with and try to follow the pattern that they like.

– Having lots of backlinks

It is important to have lots of backlinks, but with so many link spams nowadays making it not as effective as it used to, to have so many backlinks. Links is still a big part on SEO, but you have to create them as natural as possible. If search engines acknowledge your natural backlinks, then you will be rewarded with better rankings. But if they saw that you have unnatural backlinks, then you’ll be rewarded with penalties.