Improving website’s rank on search engines is the first way to get more traffic for websites and the second way is by increasing website’s click-through rate. Many SEO marketers prefer to focus on the first way, even though the second way can bring great result with requiring less effort. Having an awesome meta description can boost website’s click-though rate. Below there are 5 ways to write killer meta description:

  1. Inspired by paid ads

Not many SEO marketers like paid ads; this is because they have to pay to gain traffic. But paid ads strategies shouldn’t be ignored because many people can learn a lot from this pay-per-click space. Little did people know that SEM people, who knows what they’re doing, testing their ads constantly. After they done testing, they will keep testing their ads. This means that the ads that they’re putting are have been optimized. With only few characters that they can put on Google Ad, this means what they write on their ads are the ones that are important to their customer.

  1. Take a look at competitors

Paid ads are not the only inspirations that you can get to write awesome meta description. When you look at meta description of your competitors, search for their main keywords or phrases that you can use for your meta description. Also find out, what feature that they underline to get more traffic? SEO marketers don’t have to think hard to create website’s meta description, just take a look at what meta description that the 10 websites on the first page use, and take the words that appropriate to your website.

  1. Create curiosity

Invoking customers’ curiosity is one of the effective ways to get your website a click. In Facebook, there are many people or page wrote description like “Discover how …. in this link”. Yeah this method is quite overused, but only because this method is still works. But pay attention to not create a click-bait title or description. Because Google, with Phantom algorithm, is monitoring this method. Text like that works best on title but not so much on meta description but still there are many ways to invoke customers curiosity.

  1. Benefits then feature

One of the well-known online marketing strategists, Perry Marshall, recommends starting meta description with benefits of the product or serviced and then features. This method already works on Adwords, means that this have huge chance to get the same result on meta description. What needs to remember is that benefits states of what the customers can gain like ‘get more follower’, ‘get more likes’, etc. While features are what your business is offering like free guide, verified account and many more.

  1. Use numbers

Putting numbers in the titles is a very effective way for your website to get clicks. This is not only for meta description, but it also will bring click if was using for Adwords, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. For example, a title said “Guide to earn more followers quickly” and the other title reads “5 guides to earn 100 followers in 2 minutes”. The second title will gain more click because it’s more specific and using number can make customers think quickly to take action.