Following animal names of previous Google search algorithms such as Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, now the new algorithm of Google search is called Pigeon. Even though, it’s not officially named by Google. But most of SEO community decided to call the new Google search algorithm by that name. The reason why it’s being called Pigeon, because how the new algorithm works is mostly affected local search algorithm and just like Pigeon who tends to fly in local area pattern.

In the beginning, this new Google search algorithm currently impacting local search queries for USA English results. Or in another word, Pigeon is good news for local businesses but bad news for major brands. Which is what local businesses have dreamed to get better ranking than brands. This is how Google search result with Pigeon, if someone searched for coffee shop in Kemang, Google SERP result will be real local coffee shops in the area and also will feature location of each coffee shops previewing in Google Maps.

Back then before Pigeon, if someone looking for coffee shop in Kemang, the top ranking result mostly consist of major brands like Strabucks, Coffee Bean, etc. Google releasing Pigeon algorithm, local business who has received Google authority will get higher ranking on SERP, and they also will be strengthen on relevant contents. Coffee shops in Kemang that their presence already verified on Google’s very own social network, Google+, will gain benefit with their menus, pictures and reviews shown on the search result. With Pigeon, Google wants to improve Google+ with having local businesses share their contents and have more interactions on their social network.

Still not sure if the new Google search algorithm, Pigeon, is a good update. Sure, for small businesses it is, with better position on SERP and increasing traffic, but may not for major brands. So the conclusion is, Pigeon algorithm is definitely a major update and benefit for local searching, and local businesses finally get a chance to have better SERP than big brands but they need to be authorize by Google and more active on Google+.