How many of you want to take a picture like that? Nowadays you  found that you are too busy with life and don’t have any idea where you can find Mr/Ms Right. Until you realize again this year is the xx year you celebrate valentine’ s day  alone.

If you doesn’t want to be alone again on this valentine, you can change your life if you want to do something a bit “different”. The technology named Online dating. Yeah some of you will think people who join online dating site are ugly pervert persons in front of laptop and  looking for video chat sex.  Yeah you were right, but on the other side, some of them are expatriates who have good looking face, hot, sexy, rich who are looking for the right one. Ya I am not kidding my friend. It depends on your account and how much you “work hard” on that site.


I’ll give you some tips if you want to join online dating and want to find the right one or  at least you can have friend all around the world.

  1. Put your Real Picture
    Photo is the first thing that people see from your account, and decide whether they want to contact you or not. Please, put the real one. It’s okay to edit it through application but not too much until your photo and your real one is too different.
  2. Describe your self with good word
    Do not write “ I am sexy and hot” unless you want some pervert guy bombarding you with crap message. Please describe yourself  and what you like with good words and as short as you can. Why? Because it’s beter if they ask you directly.
  3. Beware of scam
    Oh girls and boys, please beware of scam. If someone message you with polite and long long word how much he/she loves you on their first time message. Please be aware that it’s a scam. Theres no one who falls in love suddenly only by looking at some pictures and short description of your self.

So, wanna try online dating? Just go to Indonesian cupid, tagged, date in asia, or plenty of fish.

Have a good luck there!