Omeoo Media proudly announce that we currently have two Google Professional Certified indiviuals in the house. This means that we are now an authorized Google Certified Partner and also qualified reseller of Google Advertising AdWords. You can’t find many like this in Jakarta digital industry scene, and even in Indonesia.

The first Google Professional Certified individuals is Raymond Buana. He is the Managing Director of Omeoo Media and he has numerous successful experience involving online advertising, thus making him an excellent strategist in this field. Raymond renewed his Google Professional Certification specialized on Google AdWords Search Advertising on 24 August 2010.

The next one is Radityo Soenarto. He is the Creative Content Manager for Omeoo Media. His competences in creating innovative and user-friendly web content has been proven in most of Omeoo’s projects. He is the individual needed to generate the creative parts of the online ad. Radityo acquire his Google Professional Certification on Google Adwords Display Advertising on 17 August 2010.

Those two individuals combined with the rest of the team, could carry out the most powerful online advertising move ever. Now Omeoo, as a Google Certified Partner in Jakarta, Indonesia, is ready to run the best use of online advertising in this Jakarta digital scene.