Our Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

New Omeoo starts today. This 2010 is definitely our year. From this day onward for the whole year, we are sworn to fulfill our 2010 resolutions which are:

1. Putting all our websites in the first or second position of all major search engines.

2. Driving thousands more of visitor into all of our websites.

3. Have another 1000 followers for our Twitter.

4. Create the simplest web design with the most advanced engine and the best usability in the world. (could be your next website)

5. Stop drinking expired milk and swallowing small parts of plastic toys.

6. Always apologize after successfully triggering an explosive device under a coworker’schair.

7. No more singing too loud or dancing around the office when everyone else’s trying to be serious.

8. Start to wear underpants inside, not outside, the pants.

9. Less laundry, more room freshener.

10. Think for a new password other than “password”


Hopefully all those aims are achieved before the beginning of next year. Follow our action to rock those resolutions. Now, how about you? What’s yours?

image courtesy: saidaonline.com