Not many people browse the internet to enjoy a web design on purpose. Most people browse to find information. In other words, web content is where the real action is.

Web Content

Content is the main ingredient of your website that decides whether your site will get a lot of traffic or not. Write a good and relevant content, users will definitely come back for more. Not only that, search engine will index your page to the top of the list.

Write a bad content, expect them to go away.

Web content is often misunderstood as text only. Yes, the most common content that everybody familiar with is text. But actually, every information served by a website is web content. It could be graphic image, video, audio, or even flash.

A skillful content worker could create relevant, original, and fresh content. Relevant means the topic is related with the website itself. For example, if you got a site for web agency, it’s inappropriate to write anything about cooking recipe or embroidery tutorial. It’s just irrelevant. Bad for users, bad for SEO. Yes, Google hates irrelevant sites.

Original means the content isn’t duplicating existing content from other site. Google also have some way to detect this and drop the ranking of the duplicating site. And fresh means the content is updated regularly.