Some Apps to Optimize Our FB Fan Page

Now you have an FB fan page for your brand. What you must know is your fan page is not a profile page or group page. Your FB fan page can do more than you imagine. At least if you got these apps installed. So play it hard!

Facebook Fans Profile

One of must-have apps for your FB fan page is this Static FBML. Why stuck with the standard tab if you can customize your own tab. You can put anything in there. Text, image, flash, video, anything. This static FBML will be the one that makes your page unique.

If you’re thinking about adding a contest or prizes to promote your page, you also better think about Promotion apps. These apps makes it easy to build and publish a contest on Facebook. This is not like any other FB apps. We can create the content lives on the developer’s website.

Another recommended apps for your page is Social RSS. This is a smart tool. We can set this app to automatically pull in updates from any RSS feed and display them as posts on our fan page.

And when you need feedback, you can always add the Poll apps. This simple apps can be a casual way to get a read from your fans about anything new, or even your business in general. Polls can be published on our page wall, on custom tab, or anywhere you want it.