Closing on re-branding Omeoo

How do you like our new site? We have completed re-designing our site.

The main color we use for Omeoo new site, is simply light blue, black, gray, and a lot of white space. For Omeoo site, the use of white space is important to give a sense of calmness to site viewers. Supposedly, we can use a dark background color, which can make it look funky and sharp as well, but we did not.

The concept behind this new design is simplicity, sophisticated, and elegant. Design is only a face of any business, which in our case, is called an interface. Omeoo considers all angles in re-designing the new site. Most web designers care the look of a site without considering how users will interact with the interface.

Omeoo user interface has been made at the simplest level, thus any users can understand the content of the site. In other words, Omeoo web usability is very user-friendly.

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