Omeoo Got New Kids in the House!

This early 2010 has been a really busy time for Omeoo. We’re so busy that we forgot to introduce you to our new family members. Okay, our bad… So, ladies and gentlemen, here they are…

Yudistira Adi Brata – Account Executive
Experience, calmness, and patience. Mr. Yudi got it all. Action speaks louder than words. This hard working man is on his run to prove it.

Aprinto Yuwono – Graphic Designer
This hillbilly boy comes from Jogjakarta, city of fine arts. His taste of design hasn’t been contaminated by the boring standard of everyday web design. Work of originality and freshness, that’s why he’s here.

Mira Angreni – PA/Traffic
When our team gets too chaotic, Mira comes and saves the day. She has the expertise to organize workflow so all the job is done on time. It’s Mira’s assertiveness that make us a fast and powerful team.

Omeoo is gladly welcoming them all as a part of the family. Together we will run as one of the strongest team on the field. So be careful when you see us coming!