Many video ads have gone viral once they are put in the internet. All of them are unique in their own way, which is the key to make it the talk of the cyber world. Here are 5 good ones that you must watch.

Dollar Shave Club

This is a funny and very straightforward commercial of a startup Dollar Shave Club. The video ad quickly gained public attention and give it buzz. With this not-so-big-budget marketing concept, they recently raised $9.8 million in new funding.


Dumb Ways to Die

This is one of my favorite. This is a social ad by Metro, to warn people not to do dumb things in train station that can harm their lives. With its catchy music and lyrics, supported with cute characters, I believe many have fallen in love with this ad. You can even download the song on iTunes.


This is a real peace of art! The visual effect is really cool, remind me of fiction fantasy movies. It started its premier in Metropolitan Museum of Art and gained millions views on Youtube.


Bernas Ka Fan (Add Rice)

Who says that viral video ads can’t come from Asia? This is one of the good videos from Malaysia, which has gone viral in social media. Bernas is a paddy company and it created a video to remind us about the love of mothers. A smart way of bringing up the ‘rice’ and still making it an enjoyable video. A must watch!


Petronas Chinese New Year 2006

Petronas always comes up with great commercials during Chinese New Year. This is one from 2006, but still be my favorite. The theme is family, as chinese new year is the time when family get together. The ad reminds me that the most important thing you can give to your family, is not money or status or pride. It’s your TIME to be with them.