What You Want To Know About Social Media

Every thing in this world has its own history – from the evolution of human to the smallest insects on earth. Have you ever wondered what you use daily has a person or a history behind it. Internet has played a huge role in creating an entire revolution to digital landscape. Yet, it has move faster than anyone could imagine. Technology has grown rapidly for the past 15 years. One can imagine on how hard it is to communicate to each other across the earth back in 1960 or in 1970.

You must learn the origin of yourself and by knowing the original story of your piece of history, you can learn the depth of the reasons on this evolution.

Social media is a term to represent the world of “social” in the digital landscape. What you know social media is just Facebook and Twitter, however, it has a lot more to it. Going through this infographic below, you will at least understand a bit of about Social Media in the past – not at the current stage with Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy!