Joe Chedburn is a geek. He admitted it himself. He is so geek that his parents keep telling him to get off his monitor and get a life. Luckily, Joe never listens to them and keeps developing his online gaming idea which he came up since he was 15 years old. The game grows so fast and turns to be extremely successful. Today, the geek has evolved into a millionaire geek.

Torn, the title of the game, is currently having more than 41,000 active user and more than 1.3 million account registered. This is a text based game, no graphics in the gameplay. The game focused on crime. User plays to earn some points and status by carrying out muggings, murders, and other bad things you shouldn’t do in daily life.

This is a free gaming website but user can also pay £3 per month to get extra point and status. Good news for Joe, most of the users prefer to pay. That makes the site hauls around £50,000 per month.

Now in his 21 years of age, the England based lad has become an insanely rich geek. Thanks to the great idea from his teenage dream, plus all his commitment to stay on the track of his passion.

“I have always been interested in text-based games and I went to someone with my ideas when I was about 15. They weren’t interested in what I was doing so I decided to set up my own game and it just took off from there,” as Joe said to the Telegraph.

Say no more, Joe. You have the right to proud of being a geek. Joe’s game can be played here for free.