RIM announcing that they’ll be cutting about 2,000 jobs

After losing one of its key figure about a month ago, RIM announced that it would be making some staff cutbacks. No specific numbers were given in the announcement, but now the details of the layoffs have been made clear.

RIM plans to cut staff by roughly 11%, laying off 2,000 workers “to focus on areas that offer the highest growth opportunities and alignment with RIM’s strategic objectives,” according to the company. The Blackberry manufacturer intends to notify impacted employees in North America and certain other countries this week.

The news shouldn’t come as a surprise given the fact that the Canadian company and its lackluster BlackBerry PlayBook continue losing mobile market share to iOS and Android.

JayCut Acquisition

While RIM is scaling back the size of its team, the company isn’t shying away from acquisitions. RIM has just acquired JayCut, which develops a cloud-based video editing app, in an effort to find synergy with their tablet, the PlayBook.

Perhaps JayCut is a real perfect fit for the PlayBook’s high-quality cameras, HDMI output and capable internal video processing hardware. But instead of being some kind of an add-on, shouldn’t a JayCut-powered video app for the PlayBook is the kind of thing that the tablet should have launched with?