‘Pay-Per-Gaze’ Reflects the Future of Advertising?

It’s always interesting when we talk about future. Family, children, house, car, wealthy, prosperity, etc. must stuck in our mind from now on. What about the future of advertising? A glance of it has already been shown in any place, time, or occasion, in line with the growth of technology. Yes, in the next 20 years, advertising look will be different and changing more and more.

Here, Google plays the main role for the future of advertising with their Google Glass technology. With its system, advertisers will make money from merely a gaze. Yes, “pay-per-gaze” enables advertisers charged from the number of times someone literally looked at their ads. It uses “gaze tracking technique” with a device that will communicate with the server.

Moreover, there’s “pay-for-emotion” when your eyes dilate, the advertiser pays more. Interesting, right? Why is it called with “emotion”? “It’s because pupil dilation relates with emotional states (e.g. surprise, interest, etc.)” said the patent Google. Wow, with emotion you can do things for real, even you can feed your family.

Let’s back to the future of advertising. This “pay-per-gaze” simply reflects what will happen to advertising in the future: when everything will instantly work. Think people wearing Google Glass who want to order pizza gaze an ad in the corner, then the advertiser get charged shortly after that.

Photo: Mashable