You kept creating list of new year resolutions at the end of each year, and yet you never accomplished a single of what’s on your list. And yet, you keep on wandering why the hell … Many reasons from short of cash, get bored in the middle, or even just completely forget about them. As 2013 is approaching very near, there is a new tool you can use. Check out

Judging on the video itself, it seems very promising. The website is designed for users to get up and get active. Within the site, users can pledge to achieve list of things they want to do during the year. This can be from jog in the morning, walk in the park, play with kids, or whatever.

What’s the catch here?

I guess when users / you uploaded your photos and commitment on the website, you tend to stay true with your promise. You will also have access to forum discussions and advise offers as well as help by sharing with others. Try the site yourself…