6 Android Apps to Improve Phone Performance

Android phone users often get carried away with the excitement of downloading and using countless amazing apps in their phone. Too much apps installed and run will slow down the phone, exhaust the battery, or trigger force close. This maybe boring for non-Android user but here are some apps that may improve your Android phone performance, Omeoo version.

1. Juice Defender

This apps is the best battery life extender in the market. Juice defender automatically and transparently manage every element that use the battery including wifi, data connections, apps, GPS, etc. It can auto turn-off or auto switch your setting without disturbing your activity. It’s able to add battery life to 1,5 time longer.

2. Advanced Task Killer

Apps may exhaust your RAM and slow down your phone. Some apps might still running on the background even though we have closed them. This is the time for Advanced Task Killer to come and rescue. With one click, you can kill background running apps and save tons of RAM.

3. Quick App Clean Cache

Some apps are downloading data and store it on your phone as cache. The cache will absolutely consume some space in your internal memory.  This one click apps will clean the all and give us the free space we deserve to own. Quick App Clean Cache is recommended for non-rooted phone user, yet it’s also handy enough for root user.

4. Antivirus

This may not directly improve phone performance. But Antivirus will protect you from any threat that may mess up your phone. It will scan all the files, content and setting to make sure everything is safe. All incoming SMS, files, and package installer (even those coming from Official Android Market) will be intercepted and scanned by this apps.

5.  Root Explorer

The must have apps for those rooted phone user. Root Explorer allows user to get inside the internal memory (including system folder). This means we can uninstall unwanted stock apps to make more room in internal memory.

6. AdFree

The apps title says it all. This one blocks ads that usually appear in your (free) apps. It improves apps user experience.