Sony, as a well known gadget company from Japan, will come up to its innovation as Google did creating smart glasses. In Devcon conference which held around San Francisco, United States, Sony shows the prototype of the smart glasses that name SmartEyeglass.

Sony smart glasses has the similar function compared with Google Glass. SmartEyeGlasses can show the information being requested on the eyeglasses screen which is used by the users. The difference will lay on the shape, not look like a small prism.

This smart eye glasses looks like an ordinary glasses completed by a pair of transparent lens. The information can get through by its users through those transparent lens. Sony includes some features that usually can be seen in smartphone, like microphone, integrated camera, gyroscope, accelator and compass. Similar to Google Glass, this device can be used side by side with android smartphone. Both of them can be connected through WiFi or Bluetooth.

Since it is still the prototype, Sony SmartEyeGlassess has not been sophisticated yet as Google Glass. Currently, Sony is still trying to increase the interest of the developer to help them developing some application through this device.
How sophisticated it is? You can check this video out: