Korea Announces Plans to Develop 5G Technology

While our country, Indonesia,  still dealing with regulation of 4G LTE and still depends on 3G connection, other country has been stepped a head. South Korea, well known of their K-Pop Culture, has planned to move on to 5G technology. South Korea government throughly supports this technology breakthrough by budgeting about US 1.5 billion to develop 5G technology.

How fast is 5G Connection?

When you want to compare both of 3G and 5G, they are poles apart.  Lets just compare it with 4G connection. We will be able to download 800MB movie within a second by using 5G, but if we use 4G we will be need about 40 seconds. The speed of 5G technologies will be applied anywhere the users go to although they take a train with 500 km/hour speed.

5G technology obviously will increase the efficiency and the accuracy of financial transaction that needs the fast internet connection speed. Based on the Ministry of Technology and Science, 5G technology will be thousand times faster compared with the previous one. In South Korea, 4G technology has been widely used and they plan to develop 5G technology within 6 years.

Korea’s Competitors in Developing 5G Technology

Not only South Korea, but also China, America and some countries in Europe has been tried hard to develop 5G technologies. One of the remarkable efforts has been shown by Huawei, China’s brand.

Huawei has set up their plan to launch 5G in 2020 with the less investment value, just about US 600 million. Can they make it? Time will answer it since nowadays they become one of the largest electronic brands in China and widely spread the market from 12 percent in 2007 increase for about 26 percent in 2012.

When We (Indonesia) Able to Enjoy 5G Technology?

As one of the most populated countries that use the internet in daily life, most people in Indonesia definitely want to feel and enjoy the 5G technology. But if we saw that Korea, China and America are still in the development stage, it seems that it is still a long time for us in Indonesia to be able to enjoy the speed of 5G technology.

While other countries already able to enjoy the speed of the 4G connection and plan to switch it into 5G, we are still struggling with 3G connection. It is true that there is one internet provider in Indonesia that provides 4G connection, but honestly the connection is not stable yet.