Hi, this tutorial purpose is to make a radiance looking font, the use of appearance box in Adobe Illustrator, and in case some of you didn’t know, we could make a gradient like stroke in this tutorial. So, here we go…

Step 01:
Type your text first; in this tutorial I used Bauhaus 93, 110 pt


Step 02:
In the appearance box, click the dropdown icon, then select add new fill, first select white, then do this step again this time with a different fill color.


Step 03:
Select Effect > Path > Offset Path, and then change the offset to 10 pixel and the joins to bevel.


Step 04:
Then you can change the fill to another thing like pattern or gradient. In the appearance color, click the swatch libraries menu>gradients>pastels. I choose this gradients over there.


Step 05:
Then choose duplicate item in the appearance box drop down icon.


And click the drop down in the layer of appearance box, select offset path..


… and then change the offset to 15 pixel.


Step 06:
Select the opacity and change it to 50%, so it will look like this.


Step 07:
Select the fx icon in the appearance box, select effects gallery. Then choose distort>glass. Change the distortion into 10and smoothness into 2, click ok


Step 08:
This is how it should look like now.


If you don’t want to make the inside fill color to be white, you could go to the white layer fill in the appearance box. Then change the opacity to 50%.


Step 09:
It should look like this now. Well that’s it.