Graphic often plays important role in web design. People may not like reading on web, but they always interested in seeing graphic. This is why web designer should take more attention in web graphic.

Here are some quick tips (obvious tips for some of us) about handling web graphic.

First, always use graphic with low file size. We all know this is important to optimize the page load time. People hates big image because it consume their bandwidth and waste their time. Compress bigger files make it as small as you can get.

Give your graphic an alt text. Not only it gives detailed information to user, if the alt text contains specific keyword, it will also help your SEO. If the graphic contains link, make sure the link is correct.

Always use browser-safe color for your graphic. We never know how the browser will render it. So don’t be too experimental on this. Just play it safe to make sure the graphic shows correctly.

We can use graphic element to break long text area. People will get tired reading too long so why don’t we put some graphic image in between. It will also help the web design layout to look less crowded.