Some are hard to read, some are overused, some are just plain stupid. There are many nice and sleek fonts out there like Verdana, Trebuchet, Lucida Sans, or Myriad, but no… most people decide to get a little bit fancy and pick these fonts instead. Here are 6 most hated fonts in the planet, Omeoo version.

6. Impact

This fonts is designed to deliver a strong message. But as more and more people using it for general purpose, the “strong” hint just fade away. Nowadays, Impact is widely used in putting a text over a picture to create funny meme. And there goes the once strong typeface… beside that, the font’s shape is just to ‘blocky’ and so crowded when used in words and sentence. Never ever use this fonts as a body text, or you’re equal to screaming on people’s face while banging a dead squirrel to their head.

5. Brush Script

Some people see it as elegant and artistic while it is actually closer to fat and lazy. It’s also outdated and hard to read. The most suitable use for this font is to apply it in on a broken bridge warning sign in an overpopulated area.

4. Bradley Hand

You want to put some personality in your text, so you choose a font that might make people think that your document is written only with an everyday pen and your super unique bare hand. Here’s a news flash for you: they are not that stupid. This fonts is often found in an invitation or in a printed out John Mayer lyric belongs to a college girl.

3. Papyrus

Here’s another overused fonts. Papyrus is the 3rd most used fonts in the world. You see it on menus, gift shops, banner, Avatar movie poster, leaflet, and any other masterpiece created by the hand of an amateur. It combines the elegant-wannabe attribute of brush script, and the you-think-you’re-cool-and-funny hint of a Comic Sans (there we spoil it). You may say we’re a hater, but we’re not the only ones. There are tons of anti-Papyrus blog spread all over the Internet.

2. Curlz MT

Curlz MT isn’t even a font, it’s a taste of puke in your eyes. Anyone using this fonts in their email must be more concern about showing themselves as a super cute individual who rides pony and eats rainbow than delivering a clear message to the reader. It’s not that cute, people! Unless you’re a 40 years old ex-cheerleader denying that your adorable days has passed, avoid this typeface at all cost.

1. Comic Sans

Here’s the king of bad fonts. Comic Sans was firstly designed for text that is written in speech bubbles in comic. It never meant to be used for formal type. Children birthday card or kindergarten message board are totally compatible with Comic Sans, but what we see today, the stupid font is used in serious documents, serious warning sign, serious organization placard, and even serious graveyard tombs. Seriously… If we get a dime for every misused Comic Sans we see, we could buy Google Inc.