Hey Ladies! Have you ever felt that you confused to choose which one you love most? Or you just want to show him that you are not in love. What will you do?  Why don’t you use smart BRA? Hah what? A Bra  that can judge a sense when women is in love? You gotta be kidding me! Yes I know it would be your reaction, but I am not telling you lie. This is the news.

On celebration of 10th anniversary, Japanese lingerie company Ravijour has develop their new Bra which only can unhook when the women  feeling  in love. How does that work?  Makers Ravijour explain there are hidden censor in Smart Bra and it connected with Bluetooth in smart phone apps.  Smart Bra will be monitors and it would pop blah, open automatically in certain point.


But unfortunately this Smart Bra is not yet available for sales. You still curious to have this Bra? One person will get this Bra after buying  5000 Yen of Ravijour Bra. Aha!

So Ladies, interested to have this Bra? This Bra remind me of Princess who can awake only if she is being kissed by her  true love. I think Ravijour modify this concept. What do you think?