Some websites are built to provide actual updated information, another are for socializing. But these website have none of those useful feature other than to waste our time. Here are 10 most time wasting but enjoyable website to lose your productivity at work, Omeoo’s version.

Here are the top 6 websites according to us at the moment:

6. Eternal Moonwalk

A very simple website tribute to Michael Jackson. Just get in the website, and watch all the user generated moonwalk videos. Some videos are just plain boring moonwalk, but it’s hard for us to click away from the page because we’ll always want to watch the next moonwalk and hope to see some extraordinary act from the submitters.

5. Paper Toilet

Thanks to this website for wasting 3 minutes of our life. Once you’ve enter this website, you see no text, no links or navigations, all you see is a roll of toilet paper. And your job is to unroll it like crazy. You’ll be wanting to roll it until no more paper attached. Wait a minute… This site has a point. We have our fun, and we save some tree.

4. Falling Sand

Playing with sands. That is what this website is all about. We were given sands that fall from the top of the screen and we have the ability to add elements like fire, plant, oil, salt on the screen. There’s no objective, no aim, just playing sand. This is “the real sandbox” game.

3. Horse Quartet

Four horse, all can sing, and we’re the one who control them. Funny graphic and hilarious sound can hook us up to hours playing with the combination. Simple, funny, and hypnotic.

2. Screaming Beans

When you hear a bean screaming annoyingly, what would you do? You hit it to death. Yes that’s just the way it goes. This animation provoke you to always click and click and before you know it, you’ll lost massive amount of time enjoying this pointless website.

1. Incredibox

No much differences with what we have in Horse Quartet, but Incredibox offers much more sound and cooler beat for us to play with. With this tools, user can lose hours getting experimental finding their favorite killer beats.