The iBag Will Stop You from Overspending

There is no woman who does not like shopping, but if the intensity of expenditure has already exceeded the limit , such as spending all of the monthly salary in one time, to be sure it is beyond reasonableness. Expenditure which exceeds the acceptable limit would be bad for your financial condition.

Besides that, excessive spending can also have an impact on the psychological side . People who love shopping exceed their capabilities tend to be like hedonist people who like spending money too much. Hedonists people will be inferior if they are not wearing the branded and expensive stuff. Moreover, they also likely feel jealous when seeing other people around them buying expensive and branded products .

How to cope it?

Besides committed to yourself for not spending your money too much, you can use the iBag to stop you from overspending. What is the iBag ? Recently , the Australian – based company Credit Card Finder launches The iBag , the handbag that is able to break the bad habit of shopaholic.

The iBag is just like a handbag in general , but it is equipped with radio sensors  and GPS tracker . The iBag will warn the owner if it is too close to their favorite store and able to lock itself and stop the owner from overspending.

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