MuteTab Helps You Find That Annoying, Noisy Tab

MuteTab lets you know which tab the noise is coming from

It’s late at night. You decide to kill some time derping around on the Internet – an over-effective method for killing time – before going to bed. You open your Chrome, your browser of choice because your IQ is higher than the average – even if only slightly, and suddenly, that annoying moment occurs: one of your gazillion open tabs starts making noise… and in order to find out which tab the sound is coming from, you have no choice but to scroll through all the tabs.

Now you can save yourself from that maddening ordeal. MuteTab, a Google Chrome extension Created by Jared Sohn, helps you narrow down which tab is making a sound by maintaining a list of all possible sound sources and optionally changing the icon for tabs that might be playing sound. Conveniently, it can also be set to automatically mute all background tabs.

MuteTab finds audio sources and allows you to mute them instantly

One problem, though: turning off the sound for different plug-ins can get complicated, and using this extension to turn off the sound for a Flash game can result in shutting down the game entirely. But unless you regularly kill time by screwing around on FarmVille and/or Mafia Wars, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?