Let Summify Pick The Articles You Should Read

People who consume dozens articles on the web every day would prefer to read only a few articles —the ones that are worth their time— a day. That’s why they’ll love Summify, the site that surveys the content on the web and determines what articles will interest them the most.

Summify helps its users deal with the information overload they all experience every time they sit down at their computers. The start-up asks users to enter at least one account (e.g Google Reader, Facebook or Twitter) they use on the web to get information, then analyzes their social graph and the data flowing through it to see which stories it should serve up for them. Stories that are unusually popular on social networks are also accounted for.

By default, Summify sends its users five articles a day, but they can include as many stories as they want and change the frequency to weekly or even every 6 hours.

The founders of this start-up, Cristian Strat and Mircea Paşoi, seem to have all the right ingredients for success, mostly because they believe that in order to build the perfect RSS feeder, the world does not need another RSS feeder.