Learning from “The Internship”

What impressed me yesterday when I watched movie with my girlfriend was I learn something from a movie called “The Internship”. The movie tells us about struggling for what you dream. There are two thirty or forty-something men who work as sales and their sales company suddenly must be closed. So they have to seek for another job. After puzzling and dazzling times with their uncertain life, Billy (Vince Vaughn) finds something promising on Google. Yes, it’s Google itself!

Then Billy and Nick (Owen Wilson) goes to California for summer internship with a tech-giant company, Google. They mingle to youngsters there and feel alienated because they know nothing about digital world, except their knowledge in sales and skill to persuade people to buy their products. However, their knowledge and skill help them to survive at last. The youngsters, who firstly underestimate those two elders, gradually put their trust to them and have learned that life is not just computer stuff.

Things We Can Learn

There are some things we can learn from the movie since it has relation with digital world.

1. Mix-up Offline and Online

In a scene, Billy applies his skill to persuade people buying Google service for a restaurant franchise. He tries to persuade in a convenient way, talking nicely to the prospective buyer, and gotcha, he grab one customer! This tells us that sell something online should not always sold online. We can mix it up with offline way like Billy does in the scene.

2. Go Out for Some Inspirations

Learning from “The Internship”

Billy and Nick join a group that consist of geeky-nerd student who seem have uninteresting and dull daily life. So for a making-app project, instead of let them work seriously in the office, those two ask them to go out and having good time together. They go to a dance club, getting wild and make some troubles. It makes them alive and at last, they have inspiration to make an application for Google.

3. Be Nice to Weirdo Around You

There is a scene where Billy and Nick don’t have seat to eat their lunch at the cafeteria. Then they find a table with a weird bearded-guy with headphone and nothing can stop him to type in his laptop. They are nice to that guy and one night he helps Billy to learn Google Support for the next internship test. Later, the weirdo is known as the research head in Google. So, be nice to strangers around you; who knows you get their help.

There are some things to learn again from The Internship, but it’s better for you to watch it by your own just in case you’re getting irritated with this spoiler posting. 😀