Try to starting a program on your computer. Then walk to your kitchen, make a cup of coffee, and go back to your computer before the program even running. If you can do this, it’s either you’re going to have an excellent career in coffee shop, or your computer were just really slow.

The most common thing that could cause this problem is, your computer system is loaded with heavy programs. Don’t panic, we can always fix this. Let’s see what programs you currently use.

Internet Browser
For those who use Internet Explorer as their chosen browser, that’s really smart. It’s fast on start-up, it’s fast on loading pages. But the most important thing is: without IE you’ll never be able to download installer for good browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (which is even much faster, by the way).

PDF Reader
How many online articles can you read while waiting your Adobe Reader open your PDF document. Adobe Reader is one heavy program. You would agree more if you ever open a hundreds-pages containing file with this program. If you’re willing to get less fancy, you may get a faster tool to open PDF document. Try Foxit Reader. This program run much faster than Adobe Reader and beside that, Foxit has more features.

Instant Messaging Client
We need to communicate but we also need our work to done fast. Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Gtalk, we need those to communicate, but they’re really a heavy program that slow down our computer. Use one single IM client that compile all your IM account. AIM is a good idea, but there’s some better idea, or should we say faster idea. It’s called Pidgin. This is a light multi-protocol IM client that wouldn’t slow your computer down. It may not looks good visually but the important thing is you can go fast.