Here’s What Happens When You Get a Score of 999 on Flappy Bird

If you are experiencing to play the flappy bird, you should admit that this game is difficult to accomplish, especially having a high score. Don’t expect to reach 100 points, since you need to struggle to have 10 points. Then, the question has been arisen: what is the highest level of flappy bird game?

In a video on YouTube, there is a player who have reached 900 points will see the green pipe will go up and down. Moreover, the pipe will change diagonally so the challallenge is getting hard.

Another surprise will be the characters that will pop up, Piranha Plant, one of the Mario Bros game character, that come up from the green pipe trying to eat the flappy bird. You can see this character when the player reaches 990 points.

Another pace of flappy bird happen when the player reachs 999 points. Flappy bird should face Mario; the main character of Super Mario Bros. When facing Mario, the flappy bird should try hard to avoid the fire ball that is thrown by Mario. However, it will not have a happy ending since Mario will step on the poor little bird.

Don’t be disappointed when you just found out that it is only the parody of phenomenal flappy bird games that has been pulled out from the apps store recently by the creator.

Are you curious about the video?Check the video below:

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