Four Sites to Fulfill Your Need for Admiration

Perhaps you already tweet 200 times a day in order to achieve your noble goal: to share everything about yourself with anyone curious enough—and yet, you still think they are not curious enough for your insatiable level of egocentrism.

You don’t need to worry though. As long as you still embrace the use of Internet to encourage your self-indulgence, you’re on the right track.

Facebook may be your ultimate tool of attention-seeking, but the now-$50-billion-worth website can no longer be the only scapegoat for narcissism epidemic as other equally annoying yet irresistible tools of self-promotion emerge. Right, open some new tabs your browser and let the new round of self-admiration begin.

1. Formspring


You probably have been familiar with already. This site allows you to ask and answer personal questions, then post them to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger account. But actually, you don’t need to ask anyone anything, do you? Exactly, Formspring is your own personal interview, not anyone else’s.

2. Me On Cover

You are more than qualified to be on the cover of a magazine, aren’t you? Well, on you certainly are. It takes only a couple simple steps to get your photos on magazine’s front page, ads or movie posters. Life can’t get any better.


Complimentary words are the only ones your ears can hear, aren’t they? Sign yourself up for and you can start fishing for compliments right away! Be careful, though, unless you choose to make all your responses private, you might get unpleasant surprises from anonymous persons.

4. Facto!

Another self-referential application which you will find addictive, is a great way to share fascinating things about yourself, things that none of your friends (and fans?) know. You can also learn more about your friends and respond to their facts, but you know you don’t need to. Unless it’s about you, every other fact is boring, isn’t it?

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