Neat content article comfort users more. To be neat we can’t just write. Our writing has to be organized and have structure. This way, user will give a good experience reading our content.

To have a neat content, we have to start every page with a good headline. It should be a unique, precise, and clear one. People should know quickly what they will find out after reading the page. Put all important information at where user sees first.

Short content is always better, but if we have to put longer content, it would be better to break it into smaller pieces and equip every piece with subheading (like little headline in the middle of article). This subheading will help user scans for what they want to read and what’s not.

Also put some button or link to jump to the top of the page. At every end of subsections if possible. This jump to top is important for good web usability.

Keep every page strictly contains one single topic and purpose only. Related but out of topic article goes to other pages, but provide link to go there.