Headline is Your First Strike

Ninety percent of reasons for people keep reading web content is the headline. They may keep reading or leave at once, all depends on the headline. When people scan page (instead of read), headline is the strongest thing to catch their eye.

You’ve caught their attention, now it’s your chance to impress them.

Content Writing Headline Title

In the headline, reveal the benefit you offer to the reader. What they would learn from reading the content. Put the most important word on front. First or second word if possible. Don’t just put generic title that provide no useful information about the content.

Write your headline before starts writing the content so you know where to go and keep focus on that. But don’t expect this first headline is a good one. While you’re writing, some good ideas for a headline may come up. Take a note of it. At the end of your writing, choose the most intriguing one.

in addition, if possible, put some keyword in the headline to support SEO. Don’t force it though. If it doesn’t make the headline sounds better, remove it.

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