Too Much Keyword will Kill You

Google changes its crawler algorithm and ranking criteria continuously. Why do you think they would do that? Its simple. Google hates stupid SEO guys. Bad SEO is equal spamming. Traditional SEO just put keywords everywhere in the following: domain name, file name, title tag, meta tag, image alt text, html tag (<h1>, <b>, <em>), first… Continue reading Too Much Keyword will Kill You

SEO: Mind the Visitors’ Need

So you’ve done a lot of content work to ease search engine robot crawling around your website. If that all takes your website to the top of the list, congratulations. You just got yourself a good SEO. But one thing, what can you gives to those massive people visiting your website? If you’re writing the… Continue reading SEO: Mind the Visitors’ Need

Bring Out the SEO

Creating a spider friendly content in your website is important thing in SEO, but that alone can’t bring the best of your SEO. You will also need to do some off-site SEO. While you’re busy working on your site content, you shouldn’t forget that you can also do SEO outside your own website. Some off-site… Continue reading Bring Out the SEO

Once Again, Why SEO?

We’ve been talking a lot about SEO. Now let’s go back far to the question of why you should use SEO at the first place. Here are some interesting facts about why SEO can be a powerful tool to support your internet marketing. First, internet wouldn’t be the same without search engine. Like it or… Continue reading Once Again, Why SEO?

SEO: Please Welcome The Spiders

Let’s get your site to the top of the list. Keep clicking on your homepage won’t work at all if you’re competing with millions other sites Google has crawled. So take your hand off the mouse and try some of this basic technique of Search Engine Optimization. Okay, now put your hand back to the… Continue reading SEO: Please Welcome The Spiders