Old Looking Photo Impression

Hi again, today’s tutorial is making a new photo to have an old looking impression. To  make it history like and everything. Oh, and  I am using photoshop CS4 to make this tutorial so I didn’t know if it will work well in other version… Step01 First, choose a photo. This is a dancer from… Continue reading Old Looking Photo Impression

Matrix Effect on Illustrator

Hi all, you know matrix right?? The green color , the falling letter, shiny and everything. Now we want to make one in Adobe Illustrator CS4. In this tutorial I am gonna use the “Omeoo” name though. So let’s get it done, then. Step01 Type your text, in here I used Franklin Gothic Heavy 120… Continue reading Matrix Effect on Illustrator

Your Design is User’s Best Friend

When your time gets too hard, a best friend always makes it easier. It’s like their job, you know. And that’s what makes you feels comfortable having them around. We can always use this concept in our design. Make user feel comfortable so they like to hang around with us. We’ve talk a little bit… Continue reading Your Design is User’s Best Friend

Enough of These Overused Web Design Elements

You’re seeing one website. And then you’re seeing another website. And then another website. Oh wait… Are you? Sure you are. It’s not your fault that many different websites often use the same design material over and over again. That happen a lot today and that’s not what they call breakthrough. Let’s take a look… Continue reading Enough of These Overused Web Design Elements