Infographic: Describe What’s Your Personality On Social Media Now

How many times in a day you posted updates on Twitter or Facebook? Have you ever wondered what kind of person are you on those platforms? Not too long ago, a website called made a study about behavior of social media user. They divided social media users into 10 types.

They also stated some facts, like there are 88% of young parents that posted about their kids whether it’s their picture or conversation. There are also 25% of users that are “vaguebooking”, meaning that they usually post vague updates so that their friends might want to ask for more details.

The infographic is not only describing what your personality on social media is. They also give tips to be more interesting user in social media. One more fact that they found with their study is that almost 25% of men under 35 on social media still once in a month looking at their ex-girlfriend profile while there are only 20% of women who did the same.


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