Be Strategic, See Your Analytics

When updating your website, you must know what content that your audience like best. This is where your visitor tracking software plays its role. With this software you can see which posts get more page views and also time spent.

People who actually read your post will spend more time in one page, thus increasing the average time spent. People who like your post will possibly link your page, and more page views is the result. Not only that, you can see what keywords from the search engine had bring them into your site.

If you want to know how many users subscribe to your update using RSS, use Feedburner. It’s great for RSS. It’s better to provide different RSS Feed for each category. So you will know which category have more fans.

So you’ve know what kind of post is being liked by your audience. Now it’s the time for you to react and spend more power updating the content strategically based on what your analytics said.